‘We were wrong’: CBS apologizes for Benghazi report, Nicholas Kulick, G Period

November 10, 2013



This article is about an apology from CBS for reporting inaccurate information on 60 Minutes. On the show, Laura Logan interviewed Dylan Davies, who claimed he was an eyewitness of the Benghazi attack. It turns out that Davies’ claims where not entirely true, leading to misreporting by CBS. A possible motive for Davies’ lies are to promote his new book on the incident with claims for what he did on the night of the attack. Davies was training Libyan troops, when he supposedly responded to the attack against the orders of his superiors. CBS has gone on the record to apologize for their unprofessional reporting, acknowledging that this event has resulted in a serious blow to their credibility.

This article shows the significance of accurate reporting. Almost all news information is researched, analyzed and reported to the general public by news corporations such as CNN, Fox, CBS or NBC. This means the the public is educated almost entirely through secondary sources, therefore is is critical the the information be correct. In the United States this is especially true because citizens elect candidates to office based of what they have read, heard or watched from these secondary sources. While CBS, will undoubtedly take precautions to ensure this does not happen again, it shows the importance of occasionally reading primary sources of events or double checking with another secondary source.


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