Olivia Orme, Entry #6


After the big Obamacare Apology: Where things stand


With Obamacare in full swing, millions of Americans are signing up for the new health care policy via internet on the Obamacare website. The issues with the websites slow progress and glitches have become well known by this point, but what is more disturbing is the cancellation of million of American’s insurance policies. Obama promised American’s who wanted to stay with their insurance policy that Obamacare would not affect their individual plan, yet are facing cancellation and plan change, many with increasing rates. Americans are furious about the unwelcome change in plan, especially if they had a strong policy catered to special needs. As a result of this, President Obama apologized to the American people for the difficulties Obamacare had brought to their health care, and the website glitches, and that they will fix these errors to improve the policy. Republicans are trying to return the Obamacare legislation back to Congress, and Speaker of the House John Boehner wants to make the legislative official that Americans can keep individual policies if they wish. The only people who are protected from these changes are whose policies were ‘grandfathered’ in prior to the 2010 changes. The Obama administration is trying to fix the problems, suggesting that policies aren’t cancelled until 2014 by insurers to give Americans more time. The server for the Obamacare website is also undergoing changes, and this weekend a large part of the website is down as the speed and registration processes are being modified. While these changes are moving Obamacare in the right direction, the nerves among the people and politicians are worried if these changes will be improvements.

The new issues with Obamacare are expanding over time, and I cannot help but fear for my own health care going forward. I do not qualify for the grandfather clause, because in 2010 my mother had to change our health care plan. My rates were doubled compared to my parents, because of my CP, and it was costing my parents too much money to have all three of us share a plan. My mother then got a different plan, and modified the one I share with my dad, so the two of us are at risk of a change in policy thanks to Obamacare. While I respect the President’s goal to provide national health care, he needs to stop making excuses for all the issues and start getting results. As the leader of our nation, there is no reason for him to be so disorganized and causing so much disruption in the nation. Obamacare has been nothing but trouble, and has been more frustrating than helpful for Americans. Since we are talking about the responsibilities and duties of the Executive Branch, the responsibility of the President is to resolve the issues in our country, not cause them. Obama’s apology will only get him so far. What we need now is answers and solutions.


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