Julia Robinson, Entry #6

November 10, 2013 

Article: Con Men Prey on Confusion Over Health Care Act

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/10/business/con-men-prey-on-confusion-over-health-care-act.html?hp&_r=0

Summary: As if there weren’t enough issues arising with the President’s new health care law, American citizens have been reporting fraud. Consumers have been filing complaints regarding the fake calls and fake government representatives that show up on their doorsteps. With telemarketers claiming to work for Medicaid and websites that appear to be government run, state and federal authorities are reporting a continuously rising number of complaints. A certain amount of fraud is anticipated with any big, new government program such as the new health care law, but officials are responding immediately to this issue and trying to end it as soon as they can. This national scare has been a main focus with state officials as the attorney general offices have been holding conference calls every two week regarding this issue. The targets of this nation wide scam are primarily citizens over the age of 65. Many investigations are being carried out to eliminate all possible scams and to regain the sense of security that America enforces. 

Analysis: It is unfortunate that any American citizen would be cheated, especially when dealing with such a progressive act such as the new health care act. Citizens put their trust in the government, so when issues such as fraud begin to become more popular, people begin to lose faith in the government and our society as a whole. This article mentioned many individual stories from people who had been cheated out of money or personal information. One woman disclosed her Medicare information and her Social Security number. Instances like this stress the importance of a safe society that aggressively fights against government frauds and scams. Hopefully this issue will be put to rest soon and the new health care act will avoid other obstacles. 


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