Jonathon Finley Entry #6

Early Obamacare Data to Signal How Many Americans Are Still Waiting to Enroll

November 10, 2013- Executive Branch

Summary: This article touches on the revealing of the number of people that have enrolled for the Affordable Care Act. Later this week the Obama administration plans on releasing the overall numbers who have enrolled in the Act and are planned to be way below what was expected. The word is that this is because of the website having several glitches in its system. The projected numbers for the Act were 7 million enrolled and an additional 9 million signing up for an expanded Medicaid system.  Republicans in the House believe that the information released by Obama’s administration late this week will be very broad and not broken down into detailed results such as by state, and plan levels. They believe this may be to cover themselves because the numbers are nowhere near the projected levels.

Analysis: The Affordable Care Act has had a rough beginning. The website designated for enrolling has had several glitches and has let very few actually see the different plan levels that are available to purchase. This leaves the phone option open and many people in today’s time do not want to do phone transactions. The only people using the phone option is the elderly. If the numbers are low, the Obama administration needs to step up and admit that the numbers are low and not state anymore promises until the website glitches are fixed and the citizens can begin to see the plans before the deadline. If the citizens cannot enroll by the deadline, penalties will be faced on something they hardly had any control over. I believe the glitches will be fixed by the end of November as it just a website and fixing one out of the amount that exist in the world should be simple. Society today has veered away from doing transactions by phone and when the few glitches are fixed the number of enrolled citizens will begin to climb.



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