Chris Ross Entry #6

Summary: This article touches on the failure that has been the Affordable Care Act; with a main focus on why Congressional Democrats are starting to get nervous. Since the beginning of the school year Washington has been in a frenzy, and the opinion of the public is starting to shift. Just recently in the wake of the shutdown, a lot of people saw the GOP as a hyper-partisan group to stubborn to work with the left-wingers. But with all of the media surrounding “Obamacare” lately the public opinion is shifting towards feeling that the Democrat’s especially the Obama administration is incompetent. Even congressional Democrats (who are coincidentally up for re-election) are no longer backing the bill but rather pushing for a delay. The article highlights four key reasons why Obamacare is losing liberal support. First, is the website; something so simple in this day and age that our Federal Government cant seem to get working. Second, the law itself; with all new reports about people losing their insurance when the Obama administration said they could keep it, people are starting to question the Executive branch’s integrity. Third, A lot of Democrats are up for re-election, and they certainly do not want to look like extremists backing a failing law. And finally the fact that the GOP is going to take these mistakes and run with them. Right now the Republicans see a chance to completely dismantle the law, so maybe the Democrats see it better to help ease that situation rather than trying to push for something that just is not worth it. 

Analysis: Hallelujah! Finally after the head-butting process of the Government shut down, there seems to be some congressional bi-partisanship, and it is thankfully moving in the “right” direction. Even though this law is so controversial, not only on the hill but in the public, the Executive branch has not handled this well at all. Frankly whatever they have said has either been vague or excused to the fact that they are the Federal Government. The President himself has threatened to throw around power he does not have and veto any bill that is anti-ACA, rather than accept the ruling of Congress and our country’s legislation. As a country we can only hope that the right decision is made, and if that is to either defund or delay the law than so be it. After that we can only hope that our President see’s it too, and if not him than the Supreme Court. Personally I believe this never should have gotten passed as Constitutional, but at this point a delay is the best route, and this law needs to either be completely scratched, or seriously amended. 


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