Brantley Lawson Post # 6

Philadelphians Elect First Whig Since 19th Century

November 10, 2013 Executive Branch

Synopsis: The Whig party has been for all intents and purposes defunct since the 1850’s. It has been roughly 160 years since the Whig party had any real power, and recently a man who proclaims himself a member of the Whig party has been elected to public office in Philadelphia. The modern Whig party was re born in 2007 due to the seemingly endless stalemate on the congress floor. The party stands for pragmatism and compromise, they stress these values heavily and find the importance of working through issues to be paramount to a functioning democracy. While the Whig party would certainly have a long way to go, is this election an indication of times to come? Will the Whig party make a comeback?

Analysis: Given my political orientation, I find myself very attracted to the modern Whig party. While having two Whigs in relatively small elected offices is a far cry from becoming the political party it once was, I believe that this very well could be the humble beginnings of something I think America has been missing for years. In a word, I believe the missing piece of the puzzle is pragmatism. The recent government shutdown shows just how unwilling the Democrats and Republicans are to work with one another. While this certainly does generalize most congressmen, the fact is that two parties were so dogmatic and so dug in that they were willing to close down the government in order to get their point across. I think that should the Whig party come to national acclaim and procure a few seats in congress, they could serve as that necessary medium through which deals might be made. Realistically I do not think that the Whigs will make a modern comeback, but I certainly do hope that they find a way to defy the odds and reclaim the national spotlight.  


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