Adam Fenton Blog Entry #6

Adam Fenton Blog Entry #6

Obama Apologizes for Insurance Cancellations due to Obamacare


Unit: Executive Branch

Last Thursday, Barack Obama apologized repeatedly to over 12 million Americans whose insurance coverages were being canceled due to the Affordable Care Act. During the complicated and prolonged passing of the bill, which resulted in a 2 week shutdown of government, President Obama had confidently reassured everyone that they could keep their own insurance plans if they liked. Many Americans are left in bewilderment at Obama’s claims as their insurers are continuing to cancel their plans if they don’t meet Obamacare requirements. Some companies are discontinuing all their plans in states where they have less policyholders, to save money. 

Obama has lost support and respect from many Americans due to the invalidity of his promise. Republicans have gained a new issue to ridicule and expose a mistake by the president. As it was already such a controversial plan when it shutdown government, Obama’s Affordable Care Act is now being viewed by many of its previous supporters as a terrible decision to have eventually passed. House Speaker John Boehner took the initiative to request an apology from Obama, and ensured that the House will vote next week for any Americans who are content with their current plans to keep it. With re-elections looming, Democrats have a reason to be nervous after Obama’s false promise, many voters have been turned against Obamacare and may look to Republicans on their next ballot.


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