Grant Salley Entry #5

October 28th, 2013

This article discusses the recent outbreak of criticism that Obama is under due to the spying on foreign leader’s communications by the NSA. The article states that Edward Snowden only leaked a small portion of the mass surveillance that NSA was conducting on foreign governments and officials. The article tells us that the NSA has been collecting and monitoring the emails and phone calls of foreign officials such as observing the personal emails of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The writer states that Obama was only recently informed of these activities after the news released a story exposing the NSA world leader surveillance program in Brazil and Mexico. Since this outbreak Obama has been briefed on the situation and the program has been dialed back. World governments are still skeptical and are speaking to the united states to restore trust in the United States globally.

I believe that there is no need for the United States to monitor the communications of friendly foreign nations. The singular people do not pose a threat to America or it’s people. I do believe that America should be conducting these operations on “adversarial” nations that could pose threats to America or to the world and large. The fact that Obama was not aware of this situation after two terms in office is ridiculous; the fact that congressmen were unaware as well shows how much power the NSA has gained in recent years and how it has exploited that power.


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