Daan Ruysschaert #5


According to an insurance industry source, a lot of Americans will notice changes in their insurance plans, or even cancellations; although president Obama always claimed that if a citizen is OK with their current plan, they could keep it. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan,” is what the president said in August, 2009. The reality is different, according to that insurance industry source, that also has knowledge of the implementation of Obamacare. Especially people with  high deductible, catastrophic care policies will see drastic changes.

Since new requirements for their plans will take place next year, the changes in the policies of those people are going to be so drastic that it may be better just to cancel them and offer new coverage under Obamacare, that is better known as the Affordable Care Act. In many cases that will be better for the people as it contains a higher coverage, but on the other hand it also comes at a higher price. 

In my opinion it is good to have some requirements in case of healthcare, but i don’t think it is good if people are being put in such a difficult and complicated situation that they end up having to cancel their policy and then go to a policy the government offers them. It seems like people can’t choose what they want anymore, while that still is something people have to be able to do since this is a free country. I also think that the government is making this very complicated for itself since a lot of people already made sure they have a good policy, so they are creating work that doesn’t really has to be done.



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