Olivia Orme, Entry #5


The Hidden Truth Behind Early Obamacare Numbers


Summary: Recently, Obamacare has gone into full effect, and many in need of health care have enrolled into the new program. However, the website that allows Americans to register for Obamacare has been facing many glitches and difficulties, causing worry among the population and the question of whether or not it can really work. The article discusses the requirements of the Affordable Health Care Act, and how over 700,000 Americans have already enrolled themselves in Obamacare. The issue? In order for the program to work, 7 million Americans have to be enrolled in private insurance plans in order to cover the costs. There are no set numbers so far in how many Americans have private health care, nor if all 700,000 people will end up enrolling in Obamacare or private health care. Also, since many Americans who make below the poverty level are enrolled in Medicaid, it is hard to tell if those who are enrolling under Obamacare also remain enrolled under medicaid. The issue here is whether or not Obamacare will be able to serve the people, because having more of the population apply for Affordable Heath Care than private insurance is an issue that needs resolving in the near future. Right now, the reason more people appear to be applying for Medicaid and Obamacare is because many are targeting those who are eligible for the program, or who are already enrolled under government welfare. Also, Medicaid coverage starts instantly, while private insurance doesn’t take effect until the new year, which is another reason why so many applicants aren’t for private insurance. While Obamacare appears to be a good idea on paper, the question is if it can actually work, since many of America’s youth isn’t applying for private insurance. With the government not disclosing any information, it might take some time before we can tell if this program will be able to help the American people.

The idea of Obamacare is to provide nation wide health care to those in poverty or lacking the funds to pay for their own insurance. The program would be able to help millions…only a large issue is where the funding for Obamacare will be provided. That is where the other half of the American people come into play. Like the article describes, the private insurance needs to have high numbers in order to pay for Obamacare. The problem is, so many Americans in recent years are suffering, and their incomes are well below the poverty line. They need the health care, but there are no longer enough people that can afford private insurance, let alone cover themselves and millions of other Americans health insurance policies. Because the government elected to have Obamacare take effect, they need to reconvene and find a solution to the issue, so Obamacare does not become a futile attempt to help Americans. Congress needs to work together, and propose modifications to Obamacare if they cannot find enough fund in private health care to cover it. The last thing we need is more debt, and if the government cannot find the funds to support the program, Obamacare needs to be shut down in order to prevent higher debt levels and prevent the rest of the American people from suffering.


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