Matt Kelly, Entry #5

Synopsis: “Syrian refugees flood neighboring states,” is the first bit of news since the alleged chemical attack by government forces in Demascus on August 2. Since then the U.S has been focused on Assad’s chemical weapon arsenal. Currently the ongoing civil war war is the cause of upward to 2 million people leaving Syria and fleeing to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. According to the United Nations refugee center this is strange news considering that the United States has pledged 1.4 billion dollars of emergency relief and humanitarian assistance to the war zone. The numbers can say it all with only 36 Syrian refugees being displaced in the U.S due to the civil war.

Analysis: With many Syrian refugees on the move, homeland security is mindful that humanitarian needs must be met. U.S citizenship and Immigration officers believe to have links to Islamic terrorist groups. This means anybody entitled to State Departments list of foreign terrorist organizations are banned from entering the U.S at any point in time. U.S officials believe that “acting out of an abundance of caution” to conduct screenings is the only way to go about it. Over 4.25 million Syrian citizens are displaced out of there homes and the U.S finds themselves wanting to supply aid.


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