Brantley Entry #5

October 27, 2013

Synopsis: Amid the recent turbulence surrounding the topic of gay marriage, Hawaii is set to take up the issue during a special session on the 28th dedicated to this topic. Same sex marriages have been a legal grey area in the past since the states supreme court ruling in favor of gay marriage in 1993 was followed five years later by measures drafted into the state constitution that barred said unions. It is interesting to note that Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii voted to support the bill, a bold move for the typically conservative christian institutions. 14 states plus DC have recognized gay marriages, and Hawaii may soon become number 15. 

Opinion: Thomas Jefferson famously declared the pursuit of happiness as an inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence, therefore, this issue really is quite simple to me. While I personally am a heterosexual individual, I fully support gay marriage for the simple reason that to bar such unions would deprive american citizens of their rights without due process of law. These gay citizens, although a minority, pay their taxes, obey by the constitution, and contribute to society, therefore, what precedent is there to deny these citizens their rights. Perhaps such relations are not what nature intended but such power to restrict the union of people in marriage is neither expressed, implied, nor inherent in state or federal government. Thus, because said power is not held by the federal or state government, this power to marry is held by the people by default. Gay marriage is a simple issue with a simple solution, to not vote in favor of it would deny american citizens their inalienable rights without due process of law and without any precedent to do so.  


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