Lauran Corbin #5

Lauran Corbin #5

On October 25 the JonBenet case has opened back up. JonBenet was murdered on Christmas day and found in the basement of her own house in 1996. The case has opened back up because they have found new documents pertaining to this case. The documents are the charges if Alex Hunter, the district attorney for Patsy and John Ramsey, would of gone to trial. The reason these documents are just now coming to know after all these years is said to be that Alex Hunter didn’t have enough evidence to charge Patsy and John Ramsey of murder of their daughter JonBenet Ramsey. Their still isn’t enough evidence, don’t even know if its true. They have evidence of someone else’s DNA in there home that could of murdered JonBenet, which is the possibility. They just don’t have any additional information that could indict Patsy and John Ramsey. The Grand Jury hopes someone speaks up or comes forward with new information presiding to this case.


This case is extremely sad. This cute, talented, little girl was murdered on Christmas Day in her own home and they still have no idea who has done it. They have evidence of another person in there home who could of done it, but yet they accuse the parents of murdering their child. Which i think is ridiculous. Patsy and John Ramsey do not look like the type of people to do that and why would someone kill their own child? Only a crazy mental person would do that and Patsy and John Ramsey are not crazy mental people. The fact that their trying to indict them with this crime with little evidence and looking for more evidence to support this is uncalled for. It seems like they just wanted a result to who killed JonBenet and the parents are the closest thing they got. They should either A) do the CSI like research and get the evidence of that exact person that was in their home that night and find them or B) just let it go and move on. I mean its been 17 years, yes its sad that we don’t know who has done it and its a really interesting curious case but their are probably a million other cases just like this that cant be solved. Blaming and trying to charge this on the parents isn’t going to get this case any where especially if they didn’t do it. Its like fishing for sharks in a pond; your not going to get any. Their never going to get any evidence for the parents for murdering that little girl if they didn’t do it.


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