Juliet Zhu, Entry #5


 Man Checking Guns Is Arrested at J.F.K

 unit of study  bill of rights, government and states rights


   On Saturday October 26th, a 23-year-old man named Draughon was arrested at Kennedy International Airport for carrying weapons. He brought two cases which contains two 9-millimeter pistols, two magazines capable of holding 15 rounds of 9-millimeter ammunition, and two .22-caliber rifles, and when he was checking the cases for flying into Charlotte, N.C, he got arrested. Draughon joined the army when he was 19 and was a hunter in Tennessee. According to New York City law, it prohibits visitors from carrying weapons with them. Visitors who have weapons with them could be arrested if they were caught. Mr. Draughon was charged and he violated New York City’s law and he may be in prison for seven years if the case is convicted.


  According to the Second Amendment, citizens have the rights to bear arms. Arresting the man seemed to violate the second amendment, but it did not. The reason is that every state has their own laws as well. Airports are also special places. People travel from different states, even different countries. To enjoy the conveniences, travels have to give up certain rights. Different states have different rules and laws. Even though under the big government circumstance, people need to not only follow federal laws but also follow state laws. There are certain powers that both federal government and state government contain, such as levy taxes. In this case from the article above, New York City has its own rules about carrying weapons. Following to TSA rules, passengers can transport firearms if they are unloaded and locked in a hard container. But New York City law prohibits visitors from bringing firearms into the city even if they are legally licensed in the visitors’ home state. The police suggested that passengers check the rules about certain things to ensure they are not against laws from the destinations. 







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