Jonathon Finley Entry #5

Democrats Call On Obama Administration To Delay Health Care Deadlines As Problems Persist

October 27,2013


Synopsis: Two Democrats in the Senate have each wrote seperate plans on how they would like to delay the deadline for the Affordable Care Act. Sen. Joe Manchin’s plan suggests that the government extend the individual mandate until January of 2015.  Mancin believes one year is reasonable since the website has not yet updated the issues.  At the moment, the White House has said nothing about accepting the proposal. Mancin is the only other Democrat in the Senate to agree with Republicans on the extension. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen does have 10 other Democrats on board with accepting the proposal to extend the open enrollment deadline. Shaheen stated that “We’re hearing from lots of constituents in New Hampshire that they want to enroll in health insurance, that they can’t because of the problems with the website”. Her proposal does not say how long the open enrollment shall be extended, but for the reason that they want to confirm that as many people as possible are able to enroll in time. The Obama administration is still confident that the website will be fully up and running to let everyone obtain insurance before the March 31 deadline.

Analysis: Many people are truly unsure what to do on this subject. The Obama administration is quite confident the website will be fully functional very soon, but it is almost necessary to have something to fall back on if the developers do take longer than expected.  Taking Sen. Joe Mancin’s proposal into consideration, a year seems like an awful long time to extend the deal. Extending the deadline for a few months to have a barrier to fall back on sounds like a great idea. Another way to get around the issues with the government mandated website is to call on the phone. Many people seem to forget that we still have phones and sit their complaining about the website when a phone is right  beside them. In the future we shall see if any of these two proposals are brought into consideration any further.


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