Chris Ross Blog Post Entry #5


Summary: The website for the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act has not been functional since its launch on October 1st; and only 1% of people interested in enrolling have been able to do so. The website is not allowing people to enroll or log in, instead sending them to a screen stating “The system is down at the moment”. After being unable to fix the “bugs” in the website the Obama administration contracted a private firm to fix the web site, and an their timetable concludes with a late November deadline, nearly two months after the launch of the site. The website is supposed to be the main portal to enroll in the program, and is the only portal for citizens in 36 states. The problems with the site are fixable, but there seems to be a rough road ahead. The problem with the site could be something as detailed and trivial as gender classification of each person enrolled, or it could be something much more vague, fixing the site as  whole could take weeks. The problems are attributed to poor testing.

Analysis: I believe that the website the website never should have been launched in the first place, but that is a separate issue entirely. But I do think this is just another example of how incompetent this “Act” is. This was a hastily made program filled with loopholes, and it is so polarized among the governed that there have been calls for impeachment. I think that this idea at its very core is flawed, why should have to pay for a strangers healthcare on top of paying for their own; and why should someone pay a fee if they don’t have health care in the first place, it is their decision not to have it. After all the debate I simply think that the failure of the website is a cherry on top of the failure that is the Affordable Care Act, and I hope that necessary steps are taken to rid of, or at the very least amend what has become known as “Obamacare”. 


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