Will Brandt #4

Petition to arrest Tea Party senators for sedition being drawn up



This article primarily talks about an online petition at MoveOn.org which asks that those responsible for the shutdown (specifically John Boehner) be arrested for sedition. 

The problem is, the Sedition Act was repealed in 1920, and an online petition probably won’t be enough to get someone tried for what is essentially high treason. Furthermore, the Senate and House are, under the UI.S. Constitution, entirely allowed to simply not act upon a bill or actively prevent anyone else from acting upon it. So, in a way, this conflict exposes the largest flaw in the U.S, Constitution, or any bureaucracy for that matter: it assumes that people are both willing to and capable of doing their jobs, which, as the shutdown has demonstrated, is not always true.


[I thought I’d try a different source, so I used Huffington Post. NEVER AGAIN.]


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