RJ, Entry #4


This article talks about how republican senate finally gives in and temporarily opens up the government again. The government couldn’t afford for the economy to take this big of a hit so as much as they didn’t want to open the gov’t back up, they had to. The government gave is giving this trial period to fund the gov’t until january 15th and raise the debt limit through feb. 7.

I think the house and congress are really messing up, they are making this a personal issue rather than taking care of the nation as a whole. Obama only focuses on individual issues which doesn’t help. I also think the reason for the government shutting down was a personal issue with Congress and Obama with his care pack, the only reason the Government opened back up is because the economy needs to make money and with holidays coming up they know they wouldn’t make any money if it was shut down. This is why they set the dates to fund the gov’t right after the holidays in my opinion. 


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