Jonathon Finley Entry #4

October 17, 2013

Federalism/ Bill of Rights

Synopsis: 24 year old Josh Hargis can be seen in the photo lying in a hospital bed. He is covered with a red, white, and blue quilt with a purple heart pinned to it. Josh can be seen raising his battered right arm saluting the individuals around him including the Ranger Regimental Commander. On October 6th, Josh was involved in a night operation in the Zhari District of Afghanistan. During the operation, a suicide bomber set off an explosive. When the soldiers reacted to the blast, several other explosions occurred. These killed four soldiers while severely wounding Josh Hargis. Josh’s wife, Taylor, took the picture of Josh saluting his commander even under the intense pain and mental stress he was experiencing.

Analysis: The ability for Josh to raise his arm and salute is just incredible. According to his father, Josh has lost both legs and is under intense pain. Josh has been through so much and to be able persevere through the pain and salute his commander with such dignity really shows the respect the man contains. Soldiers put their life on the line everyday to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights which we are currently studying in our class. We can also connect soldiers with the Expressed Powers in the Constitution and the ability to maintain an army and a navy. Our soldiers take protecting these documents quite seriously and the pride they contain for this country is astonishing.


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