Brantley Lawson # 4 

October 17, 2013

Federalism/ Bill of Rights

Synopsis: This article was all about Hannah Price, (a young black and Mexican woman who is soon to get an MFA in photography from Yale) and her experience wither her move from Colorado, to Philadelphia. Specifically this article was all about an issue many women can identify with, catcalling. The premise of this article was to create a photographic record of some of the men that would catcall Hannah Price. The process was simple, a man would catcall her, she would ask to make a photo-portrait of the man, and given his consent, she would proceed to photograph said man. Some photos were of ads for cosmetics and were often of a young attractive woman, and this was to represent the romantic notion of how a relationship ought to be. 

Opinion: I do confess that this article is entirely unrelated to our current unit of study, however I do find it relevant to the purpose of the press, and the manner in which the associated press has chosen to compose itself. Having been raised in an era of fierce political parity and dogmatism, the major news outlets have become magnets for belligerent op-eds on the topics ranging from economics to social issues to politics. As a result of this oftentimes biased media, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the biting undertones and political tirades that have become synonymous with CNN, FOX, or NBC. This article is a beautiful example of how I believe new ought to be. It is about catcalling, an important issue to women, however instead of creating a mandate, or inditing a social uprising, it merely informs one about the Hannah Price. It does not take an aggressive feminist stance on the issue, nor does it appear to take any stance at all, instead it simply informs. I have attended school for thirteen years now so that I may think for myself. Therefore, why can’t we have a media that informs us of the facts so that we might take it as we may and form our own educated opinions. I am sick and tired of the sometimes slanderous material one might find on any major news outlet, is it really too  much to ask that the media return to its intended purpose and inform rather than sway people’s varied opinions?


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