Adam Fenton, Blog Entry #4

Adam Fenton, Blog Entry #4


Unit: Bill of Rights

Federal Workers Head Back to Jobs as Government Reopens

After two weeks of government inactivity, the Senate and the House have finally agreed upon a compromise to get everything up and running again. Originally, the main issue was that Republicans refused to sign the bill that approved Obama’s health care, giving aid to those who couldn’t afford it. Since then government workers have been unable to attend their jobs, and even forced to leave their smart phones at their workplace. On Wednesday night Congress reached a bill that ultimately favors the Democratic side, as Obama’s health care prevailed. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers will now be returning to their jobs, but some government agencies such as the EPA will take a few days to start fully functioning again.


It is important to know that the Democrats and Republicans finally reached an agreement, despite the fact that neither side got exactly what they were looking for. If the nation is run by leaders who cannot create a compromise over a bill that affects every single individual and then quit working for that reason, we simply can’t expect to come close to fixing the nation’s problems, such as the immense debt we are in right now. Fortunately, Congress’ stubbornness did not last long enough to harm that much more, and they were able to overcome the differences to get back to work on fixing the problems.


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