Tim Bartz, Entry #4


Bill of Rights


Pittsburgh Public Schools students rally for new student bill of rights


Summary: The basis of this article is centered around the efforts by TeenBloc, an educational reform organization of high school students, to try and incorporate a student Bill of Rights into Pittsburgh public schools. The campaign was launched in response to a dissatisfaction with the level of influence students, the ones who are supposedly benefiting the most from an academic education, retained in the school setting. Students complained that the resources their school provided were not adequate to the demands of the 21st century. In addition to equitable academic resources, the students demanded equitable access to accelerated classes and academic counseling to help even the playing field in the fight for a spot in college. These are just two of the ten rights listed in TeenBloc’s final bill.

Analysis: Like TeenBloc, the citizens of the late 18th century United States were dissatisfied with the part they played in the governing of their new body. While U.S. citizens must abide by the laws of the Constitution, Pittsburgh students must abide by the laws of a public school handbook. However, both governed parties, given that they are the ones for whom these documents were created, felt as though their rights were not fully protected and their voices not fully heard. So just as our Founding Fathers did over 200 years ago, Pittsburgh schools are now looking to add a new set of “amendments” to the “supreme law” of the classrooms.




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