Sidney Stone #4

Senate approves bill to end shutdown, avert possible default


On October 17th, the government is expected to start back up again. The Senate has approved a bill, now all it needs is signatures from both the Democratic and Republican parties. President Obama declares that it will be “signed immediately” once it it placed in front of him.

After avoiding the default deadline (from federal borrowing limit), this is a victory that will be known for Democrats and Obama.  But Republicans also had no other choice because the Democrat-led senate and Obama both said that any kind of bill would get rejected. Health care reforms will not be stopped, which is what Republicans wanted, because Democrats are not saving money the way Republicans want to. Though this situation is funny, because Republicans voted with Democrats in the end (vote was 81-18). One of the real worries of the senate were the Tea Party conservatives, who had the ability to destroy health care reforms with the deadline that was avoided. Republicans complained that the “compromise was terrible,” but they had nothing else to propose so they had no other choice but to sign. 

The current spending levels situation will not be talked about and will be extended until January 15th. The federal borrowing limit was also raised until February 7th. Once that date comes upon us, the Senate and House have until September 30th (the end of the fiscal year) to come up with a negotiation for spending. The opposition against Obamacare will still go on, but right now, the people need their government. 

What also has popped up are eligibility legalizations. The government is cracking down on who really needs to be taken care of, compared to those who are bad with saving and spending. People will also be paid back for their time off by the government. 


After over two weeks, the Republicans did not come up with a plan. Why is Obama care so bad? I know I don’t like so much money being taken out of my paycheck, but it is really that bad to help those who can’t pay for themselves? Though we are a wealthy nation, we still have plenty of people who just can’t regulate their spending or saving. Therefore, it should be proposed that we teach those that don’t know HOW to save and spend correctly. It would save a lot of time and it could benefit those who really need it.  


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