Logan Miller Entry 4


Topic: Senate passes a bill that will end the government shutdown

Synopsis: This article is sharing with the American people the agreement that has been met so that the economy can start to increase again after this drought that is has been in during the shutdown. Also Obama gives a general remark or two about what the country can take away from the shutdown.

Analysis: Early in this article harry Reid acknowledges the difficulty that they have had trying to find a middle ground in this entire shutdown situation. While finding that middle ground is hard, they must agree upon something in a more timely manner for the sake of the American citizens. After receiving an 81 to 18 vote victory, the plan is that the government will be funded until January 15th and after learning about this topic when it first started, I strongly feel we could be right back to where we are now, then. Obama talks about how after going through this shutdown the American people will learn how to agree to disagree as well as work on issues at hand, but honestly I feel like he is blowing smoke and saying very obvious facts. It is very clear that yes, when they don’t agree on something then the entire country suffers, yet they put us through the shutdown for that very reason. I felt as thought the president said what sounded the best just to cover up the fact that the citizens best interest was put second to the people in charge’s personal wants. American citizens should be put first, and now that the government will have funding at least until January 15th, this gives everyone a sigh of relief .


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