Lauran Corbin entry #4

Lauran Corbin entry #4

On October 16 in Florida a Sheriff Officer has spoken out about the Rebecca Sedwicks cyber bulling that lead her to commit suicide. Two girls, a 12 and 14 year old, where bulling her over the internet and saying things like “drink bleach and die”. Rebecca killed her self sometime last month but nothing has been done until now. Saturday night when the 14 year old girl found out that Rebecca was dead she posted online saying “yes i bullied Rebecca. Yes she killed herself and i don’t give a ____”.On Monday the 12 and 14 year old’s where arrested, the 12 year old was later sent home to her family but the 14 year old has gone to juvenile detention. The parents of the 14 year old say that their daughters computer was hacked and their will be no more posts. The Sheriff says that hes not buying that excuse. The police are trying to file charges on the parents of the two daughters since they knew their children where bulling Rebecca and did nothing to stop it.

This whole incident is extremely sad. I don’t understand how these two girls could bully Rebecca so much that she kill herself. The fact that these two girls wanted Rebecca dead. These two girls should be charged for murder since they actually said to her “drink bleach and die” and Rebecca soon killed herself. The parents also because they knew this was happening and didn’t do or say anything. If this was a case of a real murder anyone who knows of the crime that was committed would be charged for conspiracy. Of course physically the two girls didn’t kill Rebecca but emotionally and telling Rebecca to die, they did. Which I believe should be a crime for murder. Also the fact that these two girls don’t seem to care that Rebecca is dead and that they made her do that is horrifying. I don’t understand how these girls could live with themselves, that their conscience is okay with that. And that their parents seem to not care also. Its like the parents support this. I mean they knew this bullying was going on and they did nothing to stop it. I mean of course the parents of Rebecca would contact the two girls parents and tell them. Its just heartbreaking that its actually taken Rebecca to commit suicide for something to happen. 


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