Juliet Zhu, entry #4


Current Unit: federalism and bill of rights 

Washington State Approves New Rules for Marijuana Industry

Washington State Approves New Rules for Marijuana Industry


   According to the rules, Washington will begin to sell marijuana legally in early 2014. Since 2012, Washington was willing to become the first state which legally sells and controls the use of  marijuana. Washington’s Liquor Control Board will give out 334 licenses to sell marijuana, and under the new rules, to control the quality of marijuana, a third role labs will have to keep track of the seeds. The rule is goal is also to limit large marijuana sellers by giving out the rule that anyone could only hold to three licenses. 


    The rights of states and government have always been a issue. When the United States first established, the government only had a limit amount of power. It did not have the rights to levy taxes, so it did not have finically income. The government could not interfere states trade. The only power the government had back then was military security. With political leaders such as John Adams and George Washington, people were appealing for centralized and more powerful government. The Constitution set the tone for the government. It was written that states have to pay taxes and government has more power to control the states that previous. Even though government is so powerful and it controls our daily life, the states still remain some powers. According to the first Amendment, people have the rights to press. And it is their rights to appeal for make marijuana legal in Washington state. The state also has the rights to legal marijuana. A lot of things are not under the government control, instead, the states have states’ laws, such as driving age, road law, homosexual marriage. Even though the government has power on us, but not absolute power. Washington became the first state which legalized marijuana is a significant mark of states power. It also limited the power of government, so that the government would not do anything they want to. The states government will represent the states and limit the power the government has.






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