Evan Finley Blog post #4

Evan Finley Blog post #4

Summery: This article is about a GOP rule change that allowed for the republicans of the House to have the power to shutdown the government. The rule change was House Resolution 368, and what it did was only allow the House majority leader or his designee to push a bill forward despite disagreements. Previously clause 4 of rule XXII could be brought up by any member of the House of Representatives, but because of HR 368 this power is only granted to the House majority leader or his designee. This allowed Boehner, and the republicans, to shutdown the government. HR 368 also made it so that the only person who could start the government back up again was Boehner. 


Analysis: HR 368 is how the government shutdown. Because Boehner was the only one who could start the government back up, it gave no rights to other house members, and it allowed for no democracy or representation. A country founded on principles of representation was no longer establishing those rights in government. HR 368 gave complete power to Boehner. Right now the government is back up and running, but because of HR 368 Boehner had the right to appeal senate votes and stop the government from starting back up. Its amazing that this bit of legislation did not get as much attention as it has, because of how unconstitutional and wrong it is at its root. Hr 368 allowed for one individual to determine if and when the United States government could start back up, but the good news behind this all is that the GOP looks pretty bad now. Boehner and the republicans got nothing out of the shutdown and now look pretty childish and dumb. With mid term elections coming at the end of January and this also being another deadline time for the government, it will be interesting to see what happens with the house. Will people realize the reason for the shutdown and take that into account on who they vote for or will they allow their votes to create another shutdown. It will be interesting to see in such an important voting year, but hopefully the shutdown has enlightened America so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.


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