Daan Ruysschaert entry #4


As I read in the article on the website of CNN, after 16 days, the government shutdown is over. President Obama signed a bill that made an end on the shutdown and that raised the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling had to be raised because there was a chance that the country would run out of money if it didn’t.
That the government shutdown is over is actually good for the whole country, now federal workers can return to work and all tourist attractions will open again. In my opinion that’s good too because tourist attractions earn money by having people come there, and that money, in the end, goes to the government.

There is one problem with the bill the president signed now, it’s only good until February. That means that everything can start over then, with another government shutdown, at least when they didn’t found a solution for all the problems that occur now.

I think that a government shutdown is never really good for a country. A lot of people end up not having a job for a certain amount of time, what only costs the government money. And as a lot of attractions aren’t open during a shutdown the government also loses a lot of incomes, and that, in the first place is where a shutdown is all about. They shut down the government because they are getting to much debts, so it doesn’t make sense to shut down branches of a government that actually earn money for the government.


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