Olivia Orme, Entry #4

Calling off the House Vote: Senate Reboots talk of Shutdown



The article’s main objective is questioning the future of the US, primarily the government shut down that is entering it’s third week. Three weeks of unemployed workers, and constant bantering among the House and Senate on the next best move to remove the debt crisis we are quickly about to hit. Today the House was supposed to have another vote on the debt issue and come to an agreement on the next step, but it was cancelled due to the inability to come to an agreement. However, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell said they were closer to agreeing upon a bill that would reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling to avoid a default on our loan. The set limit will supposedly be reached on Thursday, leaving only tomorrow available for final negotiations, or else the economy will take a turn for the worst as more jobs are lost and the US is officially unable to repay or negotiate the debt crisis. With a lack of authority among government leaders, the question is if the Senate and House will be able to reach a bi-partisan agreement on how to handle the debt and put our country in the right direction once again.  The hope of reaching an agreement still holds strong though, in fear of whether or not the US can pay its bills in the coming months.

The article described the constant problems of the current debt crisis, and the inability for the House and Senate to reach agreements on how to handle the debt and reopen the government. The government was built upon the principles of freedom and equality, the Constitution and Bill of Rights serving as the foundation of both large and small government that were able to best represent the people. The large fear is have these original ideals been lost? The US has taken such a downward spiral in its abilities to agree among the smaller fractions of government, but how can the nation as a whole come to an agreement on what is best for our future? The primary beliefs of the founding fathers have been lost in these recent events, and also the principles in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As citizens of the US, we are entitled to a strong government that serves the needs of the majority, yet in the past few years the government has not been able to serve the majority and agree on the tough issues that need to be fixed. The article causes questions on what is next for our nation, and if the House and Senate will ever be able to agree on what needs to be done, or if they will simply argue among themselves until the ceiling is reached and we run out of money. The government needs to be willing to negotiate among each other, and both sides need to set aside certain goals or desires among their party in order to do what is best for the people, and avoid the debt ceiling on Thursday.


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