Julia Robinson, Entry #4

October 16th, 2013

Article: Federal Judge: Michigan gay marriage ban will go to trial 


Summary: Early next year, Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban will go on trial as a result of the recent protest from April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse who were simply looking to adopt one another’s children. This, along with same-sex marriage is denied to gay couples in Michigan. The trial will review the Michigan Marriage amendment, which was passed in 2004, and see if this law is still heavily supported by Michigan residents. While the main issue that is receiving the most attention appears to be same-sex marriage, the trial began because this couple simply wanted joint custody of their three special needs children. This topic is a very heated issue in today’s society. 35 states continue to ban same-sex marriage, while 13 states (plus Washington D.C.) allow it. 

Analysis: This issue is particularly controversial because it affects every single generation. Teenagers, adults, and senior citizens all have strong opinions on the topic of gay marriage and often bring it up to debate. Although there are many people that are against same-sex marriage, if we look at the country as a whole and see which states are progressing and allowing same-sex marriage, we see that as a whole, America is advancing in a social aspect. This couple in Michigan was seeking to adopt one another’s children, basically to have joint custody, but instead of pushing for this issue, they took on a bigger challenge, one that if achieved, will better the lives for the parents and children. As we wait to see what comes out of this trial, some will hope that this will trigger a domino effect and will influence the remaining states that are still against same-sex marriage. 


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