Grant Salley post #4

October 16th, 2014

This article discusses the conditions in which the government is to be reopened. the article states that a agreement is being reached to reopen the Government and put all federal employees back to work within a week. However in order for the Government to reopen the budget must be decided upon. The republicans are still opposing the heath care act on the budget which has left the Bill at a standstill for the last 16 days, but are doing so with less vigor. The G.O.P. is willing to come to the table and work with democrats to try to agree upon spending for the Affordable Care Act. The other significant part of the Bill was the clause that would allow for the Treasury to borrow more money in order to pay the government bills.

I believe that this agreement is a massive step forward in bi-partisan legislation and could help the House and Senate realize that passing laws for the nation is more important than passing laws for their parties. This shutdown was in fact unnecessary because the budget pushed for at the beginning is the same one that the House is agreeing to fund to end the shutdown. The only real difference is the money spent during the shutdown. I hope along with the majority of American citizens that this Bill could be a launching site for cooperation between the two parties and thus a more efficient and effective Government.


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