RJ, Entry #3


(Also talked to my mother since she works for the government and got updates)

The article explains the government shut down in steps. 

The government shut down because congress doesn’t like parts of Obama’s health care program; Democrats, Republicans, and the Tea Party are all in disagreement about obama care and are holding out the funding for him to make changes to his care plan. Them not releasing funding is why government employees aren’t getting paid. They don’t like the changes he is trying to make.

I think this isn’t needed, Obama care is irrelevant to them releasing funds. Just because Congress doesn’t like the idea of Obama care and never did doesn’t mean they have to hold funds that stop government employees from getting paid. It’s sickening that they can’t just come to an agreement, people have families to take care of and they aren’t thinking about that. Congress needs to release funds or Obama needs to not make changes to his care package. Congress needs to stop making this personal and think about the governed.


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