Matt Kelly, Entry #3

Synopsis: House of Republicans are still concerned the government shutdown will be prolonged into next week. Representative Charles Boustany states, “I don’t see anything happening with the shutdown until we get some kind of plan for a bigger agreement.” Even with public pressure from all sides, to come to a conclusion, the republican party remains in the middle until the other side gives in. The republican party continuously restates that their goal wasn’t to shut down the government, but to promote fairness within Obama care. A reasonable discussion between the the parties is first priority, without this taking place, americans are staring at fifty fives years of spending more than what we brought in. This brings the nations total debt to seven hundred billion dollars, despite owning it’s best revenue of all time.

Analysis: A final resolution to a two headed conflict is going to take the democrats full cooperation in discussing fair budgetary matters. Although with the government shutdown Obama believes the only matter to be discussed is how, “There is no winning when families don’t have certainty on whether or not they’re going to get paid or not.” A very avoidable situation is what a conservative would state after watching the unfairness of Obama Care unfolded before their eyes without say in it. The American people don’t have to feel as if there is a “gun” pointed to their head, with the threat of the government shutting down, if Obama and the rest of the democratic party would resort back and realize the unfairness that created this mess.


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