Lauran Corbin Entry #3

Lauran Corbin Entry #3

On September 29, last Sunday, a Family of 3 (33-yr old husband, wife, and 2-year old child) are just taking a ride around in NYC when they are attacked by a group of bikers. The video pertaining to this tragedy shows the bikers swarming around the car then one biker slows down in front of the car making the car hit and run over the biker. The car of course stops, but then one of the bikers slashes the cars tires. The driver feels threaten and speeds away and runs over the biker again, running over both his legs. This just makes matters worse and the bikers chase after the car. The car is slowing down from its slashed tire and gets surrounded by so many bikers he must stop thats when one biker gets off his bike and opens the drivers door trying to attack him. The driver shuts his door and drives away the bikers still follow. The car is stopped in some heavy traffic and that’s where one biker takes his helmet and starts smashing the cars drivers window and some bikers attack the driver in front of his family. The driver is taken to Columbia Medical Hospital where he is treated and receives stitches. 


What the bikers do here is taking it way to far. Yes, its upseting and tragic that the car hits there friend but it wasn’t on purpose. It was actually the bikers fault. The biker shouldn’t of pulled out so quickly in front of the car and slowed down, he was asking for it. He should of known that slowing down so quickly in front of the car behind him wouldnt give the car much time to stop, therefore causing a collision. The biker even looks behind him as if asking for it and wanting to start something. Then the only reason the car pulls off and running over the biker accidentally again is because a biker slashes the cars tire. My dad said if he was in this situation he would of done the same thing because having his tire slashed he would feel of his family being threaten and would do whatever to make them safe. Which is probably exactly how this family felt. Again not meaning to run over the biker. Of course what the car does is accidental, but what the bikers do is intentional. The bikers destroying the drivers car and attacking him is a felony and the bikers deserve jail time. Its sad that the biker that got run over by the car got run over but that is no right to attack the driver of the car. If the bikers took this over non violently i think they could have a chance of no jail time or sewing the driver of the car, but since that did not happen i see absolute jail time for the bikers.,0,5756792.story

This link shows newer updates of this event where 2 bikers were arrested and no charges on the driver have been made. The biker who was run over is currently being hospitalized and has both of his legs severely broken and spine and the driver of the car is in a severe coma. There supposedly is going to be a court trial about this event where everyone could be charged with assault.


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