Juliet ZHU, entry #3

October 5 

Winners and losers of the government shutdown



     On October first, the government shutdown took place in Washington D.C. The reason the shutdown happened is that the Congress did not set the Budget, which means there is no rules and limits how the money could spend by the government. In another word, the government could not spend money unless the congress figure out how and where the money going to spend on. So the government shutdown. According to the article, NBC news provided us winners and losers of the government shutdown. The biggest winner, undoubtedly, is president Obama. Firstly, the Affordable Care Act survived this fight intact. Secondly, the administration didn’t yield much ground to Republicans. Thirdly, over the past few months, Obama appealed to use air force strikes on Syria, and Syria agreed to submit chemical weapons to the United Nation. Obama also won the Republicans by immigration reform and gun control during his presidencies. Democratic candidates are also the winners from the government shutdown, because they think the government shutdown gave them a solid champion of winning in the election in November. As for the losers in the government shutdown, Obama is also one of them. Obama is the symbol of the government shutdown and Washington dysfunction. Another loser from it is John Boehner, the Ohio republican and the House speaker. Because Boehner and his team failed to wield any measure of effective control over the GOP rank and file and could not give the congress the budget plan. And Affordable Care Act made he and his groups take no credit at all.


  The government shutdown seems not to be a big deal– it causes because the budget is not passed by the congress. However, there are many problems behind the government shutdown. First of all, the Obamacare is definitely one came up to people’s minds. Obama’s goal was to provide middle and lower class healthcare and almost everybody. The money for the poor people undoubtedly would not appear by itself. The money was came from the taxes from high income people. Of course they are not happy because they do not pay other people’s health care. Obama is the one to blame. But it is not really fair to blame only Obama. Even though it is his idea of health care for everyone, the supreme court passed the bill to agree on the bill. As the letter we read last week from George Washington, presidents sometimes are the people who the citizens blame on. Some right thinking people would say this is socialism, which government equally distributes to the citizens. However, some left thinking people would say the Obama care works because they think it is government responsibility to give people equality. Second of all, the government shutdown means a lot of people who work for the government do not need to go in for work since the government is not running. Some national museums and parks also closed because of the government shutdown. It definitely dwindles the income of government and there is no efficacy since the government is shut down. The government parts that are still working is national security, because the most basic role the government plays is to provide common defense and national security. The congress need to figure out the budget as soon as possible since the government needs to start running as soon as possible.




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