Logan Miller Entry #3



Topic: Government shutdown

Synopsis: this article is discussing the reasons why this shutdown is not fair to the American people. Also its is telling how the shutdown is having a negative effect on the economy and how many people are losing their jobs because of this.

Analysis: The American people do not deserve to be punished because congress and the president can not come to an agreement on the countries plan for the budget and or it’s debt. As a whole the people that suffer the most from this shutdown are the citizens. Because the two parties are unwilling to sit down and negotiate, the American body gets hit the hardest during the shutdown. Since the shutdown has occurred, thousands of workers are losing their jobs. Whether Obama is planning on giving them back pay or not, I find irrelevant because regardless they are still going to have to find a new job. They do not deserve to lose their job from the government unless they have done something wrong. The toll that this shutdown has had on the economy is also negative. In this article, Mark Zandi reports that after the first week a couple decimal points have been taken away from his growth average of 2.5 percent. Now, this might not seem to bad at first but if this shutdown lasts a month long the growth percentage will have dropped all the way to one percent. That would mean that the growth rate will be at stalling point. Both parties need to come together and talk this shutdown out and understand that they both need to give a little to come to an agreement. They both should keep what they value the most, but whatever they are being selfish about, this about how the American people are being penalized until they end this situation.


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