Jonathon Finley Blog Post #3

Miriam Carey Identified As Woman Shot By Police Near Capitol

October 6, 2013

Articles of Confederation

Synopsis: The woman later identified as Miriam Carey was seen driving her Infiniti erratically in front of the White House which later lead up to a police chase resulting in her death. Miriam attempted to ram through the barricades in front of the White House and when she could not fully pass through began to run away from police and running over one Secret Service agent. This led up to a chase where she rammed several police cars and evaded the police for a little. The chase ended by police boxing in Miriam’s vehicle and proceeding to fire shots at the car. Miriam was not the only passenger in the car as her one year old daughter was in the back seat during the chaos. Miriam reportedly was suffering from post-partum depression with that being a probable cause to the incident since police report this was not linked to a terrorist attack.

Analysis: With police being on high alert with situations like this because of the recent navy yard shooting, they probably thought in their minds this was another attack coming there way. In reality the attacker was an unarmed woman with her one year old daughter in the back seat. Miriam did ram through several barricades and evade the police, but she did not physically attack any personnel of the government. At the time police of course did not know that Miriam was suffering from post-partum depression which was more than likely the reason why she did this in the first place, but firing at her seemed to take the situation to the next level.  Looking at the sources show that Miriam was indeed blocked in by police so the chase had ended and instead of pulling her out of the vehicle, they proceeded to fire four to five shots at the vehicle. Miriam was killed and her daughter who is doing just fine was in the line of fire. The actions carried out by Miriam do not seem to add up as a reason to fire upon her. This situation is not even similar to the recent navy yard shooting as that was basically a case of mass murder on government grounds. I believe police should have pulled Miriam out of the vehicle at gunpoint and eventually questioned her. If Miriam was to fire at police or infringe violence towards them then I believe that is the correct time to fire upon someone.  Miriam obviously needed some assistance and assistance was not granted as she was shot in her own vehicle right beside her own daughter.


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