Brantley Post #3

10/6/13, Constitution

Summary: This article was centered around employment rate, economists, and the government shutdowns. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, (BLS) skipped its September report on employment rate in America. The BLS is presumably the most accurate, and therefore the last word in Statistics pertaining to employment. This skipped report came much to the chagrin of various economists, presumably due to their affinity for monthly BLS reports. The article then carried on to show how economists instead used various other sources. These sources all had different numbers but the general commonality was either a small increase or decrease in unemployment, or for a few, no change either way. In the end the general consensus was that America is continuing to produce jobs at a steady rate, and in the eyes of economists, nothing has really changed since the shutdown.

Opinion: I found this article simultaneously comical, ironic, and overall delightful. Even when the government shutdown was weeks away, all anyone would say is how detrimental this would be to our economy and how much it would alter our lives. Well, the government has been shutdown for almost a week now and the sun is till rising each morning, just the same as before. Although economists are missing their beloved BLS reports, they seem to all agree that this shutdown has negligible effects on the economy and means very little to all except those employed by the government. While this shutdown is not to be praised, I do believe that it is having the positive effect of teaching a valuable lesson. I think that this shutdown has shown the congress how trivial and churlish they are being. The fact is dogmatism simply will not work in congress, I believe that by having the members of congress removed from their chambers in DC, they might step down from their soap boxes and into the realm of compromise and pragmatism. Hopefully this shutdown will give congress some time to cool down and finally come to an agreement.  


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