Daan Ruysschaert entry #3


Since the republicans and democrats couldn’t agree on a spending plan for the fiscal year the government has shut down all the unnecessary functions. Some functions keep going such as Social Security, air traffic control and military. That probably for the simple reason that a country can’t function without those functions. 
It may seem wear that they have to pass a spending bill in the middle of the year but it’s not, because the fiscal year actually runs from October 1st till September 30th. There is a holdup due to the discussions in case of Obama-care, there would be a new spending bill needed when Obama-care makes it. 
The main discussion topic I think is that if Obama-care makes it, employers will have to pay a lot more money to have employees what will result in employers saving money on employees by simply not employing a lot of them. That on the other hand will result in a huge unemployment, and that’s not good for a country.

In my opinion something like Obama-care would be good because we have something like that in Belgium too. But it really has to be worked out because in Belgium we are having problems at the moment with immigrants coming to our country because of the free health-care, those people also don’t get a job because everything is free anyway. So basically the working people are working hard to pay for the not-working ones. 
So if they can work it out good, what we in Belgium should do too, it would be a good thing where everybody has an advantage of.


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