Jessica Crew #2 Blog Post

Jessica Crew #2 Blog Post


On Saturday September 21st several gunmen overtook the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.  Kenya’s Interior Ministry tries to reassure a nervous public that there is little chance of escape for any surviving Al-Shabaab gunmen who have terrorized the mall and killed at least 62 people.  The assault on Kenya raises new fears about Somali recruitment.  Three terrorists have been confirmed killed since Saturday. More than 200 civilians have been rescued and authorities have arrested more than 10 people for questioning including at least four that were taken into custody at an airport.  The Terrorist group Al-Shabaab issued a list of the names of nine people it said was among the attackers. It said three were from the United States, two from Somalia and one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the United Kingdom; but CNN has not been able to independently confirm that.  In the past, federal is has been reported that Al-Shabaab has recruited young men there to go to Africa to fight.  U.S. President Barack Obama expressed condolences over the attack, but he pledged U.S. support and described the situation as a matter of global concern.  He also stated that we have to stand against this kind of senseless violence.  Al-Shabaab has claimed that the attackers targeted non-Muslims and vowed they would not negotiate for the hostages’ lives. The Somalia-based Al-Shabaab terror group had said on Twitter that it had sent the gunmen to the mall in retaliation for Kenya’s involvement in an African Union military effort against the group, which is al Qaeda’s proxy in Somalia.  The mall attack is the deadliest terror attack in Kenya since al Qaeda blew up the U.S. Embassy there in 1998, killing 213 people.  “This bares the hallmarks of al Qaeda. This is not just Al-Shabaab. In fact, the leaders are not Somali, as you may have heard. This was al Qaeda. It was a very well-coordinated effort, it was very well planned,” Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed said.  It has nothing to do with the nationality of people,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry promised an American investigation.  “Obviously, it’s an enormous offense against everybody’s sense of right and wrong,” Kerry said. “It represents the seriousness and the breadth of the challenge we face with ruthless and completely reckless terrorists, and we’re going to pursue them.”



Yet again the terrorists strike and put fear in the “Good” people of the world.  I say the world because it is very hard to distinguish between all of the different countries being attacked and terrorized by these criminals.  There is no border for terrorists; it’s a never ending cycle.  They will always find a reason to attack or be angry at “others”, meaning people that are different then themselves.  Kenya is already struggling and trying to gain its political strength in a country with much uncertainty.  These terrorists’ acts must be punished and dealt with quickly and severely. 


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