William Brandt Entry #2 (9/22/2013)


Iran Looking for Help With Nuclear Plants

Unit 1

Essentially, Iran’s president is having talks with various U. S. officials about the U.S. helping them build nuclear plants. The U.S. is, well, a bit leery of this for obvious reasons. Namely that the better part of Iran hates us. President Rouhani is still asking the U.S. to help out, though.


I don’t really get what everyone’s issue is with Iran having nuclear plants. I mean, as far as I know, the process used to enrich Uranium for use in a power plant requires an entirely different sort of facility from the process used to enrich Uranium for nuclear devices. So why is it an issue? It reduces dependence on oil and coal, which is always a good thing, and they’re taking the diplomatic approach, so why not help them out? Maybe they’ll hate us less. Maybe.

Probably not, though.


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