RJ, Entry #2


This article discusses the navy yard shooting in DC, it was Aaron Alexis who shot and killed 12 people in this shooting. Aaron had been previously arrested three times. His “erratic” and “violent” behavior was ignored over the years by the police, military, and employers which created missed opportunities to address his mental outbursts. “An upstairs neighbor in Texas in 2010 told police she was terrified of him after a gunshot came through the floor a few feet from where she was sitting.” He would always have anger blackouts like one time he didn’t remember firing shots of .45 that he always kept on his hip. He was known for his anger issues and holding grudges.

I think the police were wrong by never addressing his temper and getting him help. They should’ve realized after the first or second time, I don’t think this would’ve happened if they had addressed his problems. Aaron needed a counselor or someone to be there for him in my opinion. I don’t understand how they could arrest him 3 times and not think something was wrong with him. “Alexis was arrested three times in three states for acts of rash, inexplicable violence. He told Seattle police in 2004, for example, that he’d had an anger blackout so intense that he couldn’t recall shooting three rounds from the .45-caliber Glock he usually kept strapped tightly to his waist.” The fact that police didn’t try to get him help after he was arrested 3 times for almost the same thing every time and he told them he has anger blackouts is just dumb. I also think him being disconnected from his family for several years could’ve been apart of his anger that he was holding inside.


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