Julia Robinson Entry #2

Sept 22, 2013

Unit 1: Basics of Government 


Republican Party could learn a lot from the Democrats of 1989

This article compares and discusses the current issues the Republican party is facing similar to the Democrats in 1989. The author writes about how Republicans are slowly getting shut out of the presidency and are not up to date and engaged in the in the “major demographic shifts in the country.” The article proposes three myths that break down the Democrat’s problems they encountered in 1989. The myths include the myth of “liberal fundamentalism, mobilization, and the congressional bastion.” The three myths are broken down and explained relating to how the Democrats faced them and then how the Republicans ought to go about solving their similar issues. The first myth deals with who the party chooses to represent them in a presidential election. According to the author, the Republican party has yet to produce a nominee that embodies the party as a whole. The second myth relates to demographics. While the issue for Democrats in 1989 was the lack of minority votes, today, the issue for the Republican party is the lack of white votes (not to say that the parties are separated by color). The third myth discussed how although the Democrats have the presidential position, the Republican party still has control of the House and has an opportunity to retake the senate majority in the upcoming years is significant. It was interesting to read an article that compares similar issues from a modern day Republican to an older issue for the Democrats. 

Although only one of these myths focuses primarily on the voters, it will be interesting to see how the voting will change over the next three years. With new generations comes new patterns of voting. Each election has four years worth of new, young voters with beliefs influenced by their families and society as a whole. Turning 18 this November will allow me to form my own opinions and put them to use in the 2016 Presidential Election. This article closes with a famous quote, “History has a way of repeating itself.” For this article, it applies that the modern day Republican party could learn from the Democrat’s past. Looking at the bigger picture, this quote reminds us that the past will effect the future and that we are able to learn from mistakes and accomplishments made by others in the past. 


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