Grant Salley blog post #2

A terrorist group attacked a mall in Nairobi last monday and claims to be affiliated with Al-Queda. As of now the Kenyan authorities claim that there are no more hostages inside the mall and that they have sealed the premises to prevent any of the gunmen from escaping. Yet heavy gunfire and huge columns of smoke rose from within the mall yesterday making the world question the integrity of the situation. The authorities have supposedly killed three of the terrorists and have taken four more into custody out of the supposed 10 to 15.

This emergence of a sect of Al-Queda shows the world that the threat of terrorism is still a prominent issue in the world today despite the progress we have made in the middle east. I believe that the Kenyan Government is withholding information from the public about the suspects and the motives of these people. John Kerry has promised american investigation yet I think the story and involvement has been pushed to the side of america’s to do list because of the more “prominent” issue that we must deal with first. With 62 already dead and the situation still unclear I believe that the United States needs to make this a more prominent issue. 

September 23, 2013


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