Daan Ruysschaert, Syria #2


According to The Dailymail, Russia now declared that it allready delivers weapons to Assad and his regime. Putin also openly said that if America continues it’s plans to bomb Syria, Russia will be involved and help Assad. 
Putin said in a video that he is willing to deliver a highly sophisticated bomb shield to Syria to protect the country for American bombing, even though Russia knows about the awful things Asad did to his people.
With that, Putin turned his back to every other country in the G20 and the UN.

I think this is a turn in all the plans and news that has been spread the last weeks about the situation in Syria. First everybody agreed that Asad was wrong and that he had to be punished for his actions in some way. But now Russia takes everything to a whole new level and threatens America to get involved and help Asad’s regime if there are bombings in Syria. As we discussed in class Russia was first going to help the UN in punishing Asad for what he did, but with what Russia now did the whole situation threatens to evolve in a whole new war. 


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