Chris Ross, Blog Entry 2

September 22, 2013

Unit 1


President Obama a crowd of about 4,000 in Washington D.C., a crowd which included the families of the Navy Yard massacre victims. The President did not necessarily speak about the shooting spree that took place last week, but focused more on gun control, and the “issue” as a whole. The President voiced his concern that mass shootings have become “normal”, and that we as a country have let the issue kind of become a part of our daily lives. Obama mentioned that The U.S. is behind other nations in terms of gun control, and that other nations have prospered in this area while the U.S. is almost in some sort of third world state when it comes to firearms. The President also ensured that he would not use his “power” to back bills regarding this subject; he did so in wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, he referenced his failed efforts of last spring. President Obama made his position clear, and the leader of our country has taken yet another firm stance on yet another polarizing political subject. 



Gun violence is not a good thing; not only because of how it affects the victims and their families, but also because it can affect the numerous law-abiding citizens who have never come close to such an offense. Our President has made his position clear that gun control needs to be revised through federal intervention. My initial response is “No, who are you to tell me that. I’m not doing anything wrong, why should I be inconvenienced because of mistakes made by people i have never even encountered”. I personally don’t believe it is the federal government’s job to influence gun control, especially the Executive branch. If anything gun control should focus on illegal sale and purchasing of firearms, rather than making it more inconvenient for a law-abiding citizen to acquire a firearm legally. Criminals will always find a way, and if you disarm the governed, than they wont be able to protect themselves. 


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