Adam Fenton, Entry #2

Adam Fenton, Entry #2

More Gunfire After Kenyan forces assault Nairobi’s Westgate Mall (9/23/13)

Unit 1

Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya has been under siege by terrorists for 3 days. The terrorists are gunmen from the Somalia-based Al-Shabaab terror group. Kenyan Red Cross has reported a confirmed 62 deaths, but it is unsure how many, if any, hostages are still left in the mall. The mall has been sealed off to prevent the terrorists’ escape, and the Kenyan authorities have announced that they have killed 3 of them. The Interior Ministry reported to CNN that ‘around four’ people have been arrested on suspicion to involvement, and then later changed that number to 10. Kenyan’s Immigration Department has increased security at entry and exit points of the country. Today, an hour after a Kenyan government official announced that control of the mall had been taken back, gunfire from the terrorists occurred again. 

This new terrorist event has shown the danger that is present in any public setting. Anyone with a gun can cause massive destruction and horror to innocent people, and this new attack at a public mall is similar to the US shootings in the Colorado movie theater and the elementary school. Even though the identity of these terrorists has not yet been confirmed, this could lead to further support and requests for gun control in America as well. Security control in more public settings will be increased as a result as well. 


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