TIm Bartz, Entry 2


Purposes of Government/Trouble in Syria

Obama blames ‘far right’ Republicans for prospect of government shutdown


Synopsis: In the article, the author highlights President Obama’s dissatisfaction with Congress’s inability to find a solution to the budget crisis that has a deadline of September 30th. He blames the highly conservative Republicans for their stubborn attitude towards his idea of raising America’s debt ceiling – a move which he claims will not increase the deficit, but pay off what we have already spent. Most Republicans and some Democrats disagree with this idea of having the Treasury pay off America’s debts, and argue instead that cutting funding for the Affordable Care Act (Obama-care) and using that money to pay off America’s bills would be the most effective move. President Obama has warned that with September 30th so close, Americans should prepare for a ‘government shutdown,’ which could result in a major blow to the economy. He predicts that if those ‘far right’ Republicans cannot come to their senses and make a reasonable compromise, then unemployment could increase while government services such as federal loans could literally ‘shutdown.’  

Analysis: Growing up in a liberal household with my parents and sister all a part of the Democratic party, I could not agree more with what President Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday. Republicans have been looking for an excuse to get rid of Obama-care ever since it passed in Congress on November 7, 2009, and this budget crisis is the perfect opportunity. In class we discussed the difference between the left and right wing on the political spectrum, and I believe the reason right-wing conservatives are so against both Obama-care and the idea of raising the debt ceiling is because their scared of change. Those on the right value tradition, continuity, and the ability to do with their hard-earned money as they see fit. The ‘far right’ Republicans are scared because Obama -care and the President’s solution to the deficit are both in direct opposition to all three of those values. It is because of this desire to protect each party’s values that compromise is often the only solution, however with a deadline only eight days away, the President as well as millions of Americans are nervous about a ‘government shutdown’ resulting from an inability to compromise.




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