Olivia Orme, Blog Entry #2


House GOP already planning for next Obamacare fight


Summary: House republicans recently passed a spending bill in an attempt to keep Obamacare at bay, but the Democrats say they will reject the bill next week. This bill is only the beginning of the fight against Obamacare, along with raising the debt limit and a few other economic and health care issues. Republicans are finally starting to unite together under the same policies and issues on handling the debt crisis after a few inner party fights on how handle government funding. The party finally created a debt ceiling bill that catered to everyones wishes, which changes tax reforms and entitlement programs. The bill is also based around a budget and deadline for the House and the Senate. While specifics about the bill weren’t mentioned, a large change was the benefits of social security and the annual benefits would be decreased due to inflation, along with supporting the Keystone Pipeline. The bill will also focus on energy production and industrial use of plants, and how Republicans and Democrats are butting heads on whether or not it will increase job production. Obama and fellow Democrats also will not authorize more borrowing from the Treasury Department, as the agreement will end in the upcoming months. President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke in person about this issue, but that does not mean debt negotiation will still not be touched on in Congress. The primary goal of Republicans in the coming months is the negotiation of the debt ceiling with Democrats and the President, which will effectively tip the scale of the economy and the future of the market, along with cause many debates among the rivaling parties.

This story touches on the topic of political parties and the differences between Democrats and Republicans that we have talked about in class, and how the differing views of the political parties are about to escalate with Congress being in session.  The issue of health care and Obamacare is a constant debate between the two parties, and the different views on health care often cause a large opposition on the Republican front against Obamacare. The reason why is that Republicans support the ‘self made man’ ideal, while the Democrats always have the needs of the many in their best interest. Obamacare and health care have always been top concerns of the Democratic party, but Republicans want to focus more on the economy and debt, not on jump starting Obamacare. The issue of health care and the economy will always be a large battle between the two parties, but Democrats and Republicans need to decide on a plan of action soon and set aside their differences. The article opens up the subject of the future of the US, and the plan of action for our economy and health care reforms that must be decided among the quarreling parties.


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