Matt Kelly, Entry 2

Aoron Alexis acts of violence have gone unseen since 2004, finally the FBI took him into custody after killing 12 innocent people at the Navy yard in Washington D.C. Police are calling this attack an avoidable situation after looking back at Alexis criminal back round. After being arrested three different times on rash and violent outbreaks, it’s clear Aaron isn’t alright mentally. This was seen when he told Seattle police, “I had a anger blackout so intense that I couldn’t even recall shooting three rounds from a .45 caliber glock strapped to my waist.” This entire outbreak is now being called and avoidable situation due to health administration emergency rooms in Providence RI, failing to pick up on Alexis deteriorating mental health. Navy security officials were warned about Alexis hearing voices in his head, this is a main indicator of mental breakdown, which wasn’t passed on to the technology head quarters where he worked. This lack of communication and inability to relay obvious signs like Alexis being forced to leave work early because he was dangerously agitated with the employees around him are reasons why Navy Yard officials are to blame for this shooting.


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